Dream Big, Give Big Week!3Lan Caihe

IQ&IM Continues to Blossom

It seems that almost yesterday we settled into IQ&IM’s first home in downtown Bothell.   This home has provided the perfect space to grow and thrive and we now look to expand with your vision and support!

Recent Successes:

  • IQ&IM’s Bothell Center

  • A new Board of Directors was formed to provide a refreshed vision for the future.

  • 25 Yi Ren Qigong Teacher Trainees are about to complete their first year of the two years intensive teacher training program.

  • 2014/15 saw an increase in community building events such as the I HEAL Program, Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, Lunar New Year Celebration, Board/Staff/Volunteer Retreat Day, Summer Picnic in the Park, Tea & Qi, Open House

  • Many new and exciting educational offerings including the Golden Flower Series for advanced practitioners, a weekly introductory class, and a weekly level 1 drop-in class!

  • Diabetes Free Program & Weight Management & Chinese Medicine Series

Dream Big Wish List3

1.) Expand space and treatment rooms for Wellness Services!

Expanded space for Wellness Services will hold:

  • Private wellness sessions: Energetic Consultations & Healing, Qi based Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine & Integrative Nutrition.

  • Classes & events: Weight Management & Chinese Medicine, Diabetes-Free Program & Community Acupuncture.

  • A Chinese herbal medicine dispensary.

  • Kitchen facilities to support nutritional services.

  • Offices for business operations and complementary care practices.

  • RESEARCH PROGRAMS to actively determine and support the most effective healing modalities to compliment your Yi Ren Qigong practice

2.) Development of Scholarship Fund

Has Yi Ren Qigong made a difference in your life?

       If So, YOU CAN…

…to help make the Dream Big Wish List a reality!

Thank you Yi Ren Community for supporting programs, services & events to help others learn about Yi Ren Qigong and IQ&IM’s cutting edge work for healing, health & human potential. YOU make it happen!

– All donations are tax deductible: IQ&IM is a registered 501(c)-3 non profit organization.  Check and see if your business will match your contribution!


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