I HEAL Community Events

The I HEAL program is a FREE community program offered at our Center in Bothell and in various locations around the Puget Sound.  Each event typically begins with an opening discussion by Dr. Sun followed by educational, informative and engaging presentations from a Yi Ren Qigong practitioner or a friend to the community.  We close the evening with a group Yi Ren Qigong practice and community nourishment.  It is with gratitude and joy that IQ&IM offers this health & wellness educational and experiential program to all.

If you have any questions regarding this program, email info@iqim.org or call 206.290.6072.






Wednesday, June 3rd 2015

7-8:30 PM

IQ&IM Center for Education & Wellness Services


You can change the world!

Master Lu Dongbin says that liberating all beings from their suffering is meaningful and soulful work and it is essential to do so in accordance with the Tao, the natural laws.

The above statement of principle underlies the mission and vision of IQ&IM

TCTP Trainee Group Photo_Oct 2014-2Current Student Teachers in Training

These student teachers are acquiring the tools and methods to accomplish great things.


You are invited to become one of our Teacher Trainees. Learn how to join at the Teachers Training Open House / I Heal Event scheduled for the first week in June 2015.

At this event, Dr. Sun, Lauri Amidon and Dave Sinclair will highlight the popular IQ&IM Teachers Certification and Training Program (TCTP). Course descriptions will be provided. Application and scholarship information will also be provided.

The TCTP is grounded in philosophy and ethics whereupon teachers acquire the knowledge and skill to provide a safe and healing environment for their students.

Refreshments will be served and time provided for social interaction.

You are invited to register directly for this Teachers Training Open House / I Heal event at:

Registration, Wednesday, June 3rd Open House

 You are also invited to visit the webpage featuring the next Teachers Certification and Training Program (Fall 2015 to Fall 2017):

Teachers Certification and Training Program, Schedule and Information Fall 2015 to Fall 2017 (Cohort-2)




Friday, September 12th

7-9 PM

IQ&IM Center for Education & Therapeutic Services

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Power of the Soul:stock-illustration-5098434-winged-heart-graffiti-stencil

Lead with the Heart

presented by Char Sundust

Friday, June 20th

7-9 PM


Coming into our power in a way that empowers the energy of the spiritual and physical beings around us.

Tapping into our heart to use our energy wisely— in alignment with our purpose.

From an energetic viewpoint, the fire element becomes a prominent force in our cultivation during the summer months. Join us Friday, June 20th as guest presenter Char Sundust shares her knowledge and experiences as a teacher and healer utilizing the internal nature of our heart energy on our journey of self-exploration.

  • Introduction by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD
  • Group Yi Ren Qigong practice led by Anup Mulkalari, ND
  • Community Nourishment prepared by Amy Putiri, MS CN
About the presenter Char press photo 2014Char Sundust is a teacher, healer, and inspirational speaker. Deeply committed to the sustainability of nature and attending to the earth’s well-being, she supports individuals in achieving their destinies through spiritual practice and personal accountability.


IQ&IM Center for Education & Therapeutic Services 10127 Main Place, Suite B, Bothell, WA 98011

(located behind and below Main Street Antiques; click here for map of downtown Bothell) free parking  I HEAL_flyer_June 2014   __________________________________________________

Qi Exploration:  Experience the Journey

with Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD and Barbara Brachtl

Friday, April 11,th 2014

Woodinville, WA

I HEAL flyer_woodinville_April 2014_FINAL3_email ____________________

Thursday, March 13th 2014

6:30 – 8:30 PM


Women’s Spiritual Responsibilities to the Earthbook-cover-body-of-wisdom

Hilary Hart will discuss women’s unique relationship to the earth, the mystical foundations of this relationship, and the role of the feminine in global healing. She will draw from her recent book, Body of Wisdom: Women’s Spiritual Power and How it Serves.

Discussion Panel

Hilary Hart, MA


Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

About the Presenters hilaryHilary Hart, MA, writes and teaches about women’s spiritual power and the sacred feminine. She is an adjunct faculty at Antioch in Seattle, and works as a child advocate in Taos, New Mexico.  For more information, visit http://www.hilaryhart.org/index.html.

Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD, is executive director and founder of the Institute of Qigong &DrSun2 Integrative Medicine.  He developed the Yi Ren Medical Qigong system for self-healing and has completed ground-breaking research looking at the effects of Yi Ren Medical Qigong in adults with type 2 diabetes, chronic pain and cancer.  Dr. Sun teaches seminars for public and teacher training in Bothell, WA.






Experience the Northwest Native Cedar Tree & Yi Ren Qigong  images Dr. Morse presents an interactive discussion on the historical and modern uses of the Western Red Cedar. Smell, taste, feel, see and touch the scales (leaves). The Cedar tree is very common to gardens, parks, and natural spaces through Seattle and Washington. An Introductory Yi Ren Medical Qigong practice will follow the discussion.

6:30 – 8:30 PM 

Thursday, October 17th 2013

Good Shepherd Center (4th Floor – wheelchair accessible) in Wallingford

4649 Sunnyside Ave N  Seattle, WA 98103






About the Presenter Dr. Catie Morse is a Naturopathic Doctor,Herbalist and Certified Yi Ren Medical Qigong Instructor. She teaches classes and provides medical consultations throughout Seattle, WA.    

 Friday, August 16th

6:30 – 9 PM

Blyth Park

Yi Ren Community Potluck Picnic






16950 W Riverside Drive Bothell, WA Bring your favorite dish to IQIM’s Yi Ren Community Potluck Picnic!  Friends and family welcome. Food, fun, games and of course, Yi Ren Qigong!



April 2013

I HEAL in Federal Way

Please note:  This is not a FREE event, but all are welcome to attend!

Healing Chronic Pain with Yi Ren Qigong

with Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD and Amy Putiri, MS CN Saturday, April 27thback hurt 1 – 3 PM Marlene’s Market of Federal Way 2565 S Gateway Center Plaza Federal Way, WA 98003 (253) 839-0933 $10 

Come in, remove your shoes, have a cup of tea, and meet the team from Seattle’s Institute of Qigong & Integrative Medicine in this special presentation at Marlene’s Market.

Yi Ren Qigong is an energy-based practice designed to support an individual in the exploration and expression of the intelligence and wisdom already within the body. Regular practice of Yi Ren Qigong helps one understand the body’s energetic, informational, emotional, subconscious and collective unconscious levels. Regular practice of Yi Ren Qigong helps reduce or eliminate chronic pain, increase internal harmony and lead to self-knowledge, self-healing, self-care, self- realization, self-mastery, and self-fulfillment.


In the first half of this workshop, Yi Ren Qigong founder Dr. Sun will lead attendees in an easy, energizing qigong practice. The exercises can be done standing or seated and loose street clothing is appropriate. Although participation in the rhythmic, gentle movement is encouraged (and actually impart energy to the body), participation is optional. After a short break, Certified Nutritionist Amy Putiri will lead discussion on choosing and preparation of specific foods to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system, creating light food and beverage samples for attendees.

Take advantage of this relaxing yet focused presentation on research-supported movement for pain reduction!



May 2013

Join us at IQ&IM’s 2013 Conference on Energy-based Integrative Healthcare Saturday, May 18th 10 AM – 5 PM Center for Urban Horticulture For more information and to register, click here.


Completed Events…

February 2013

Lunar New Year Celebration

~ Year of the Snake ~

Friday, February 8thOriental calligraphy 2013: Chinese Year of Snake, shape of a sna 6:30 – 9 PM University Heights, Community Room (lower level) 5031 University Way NE, Seattle WA 98105   Cultural presentations by Nancy Tung and Sandy Teng Group YRQ practice led by Dr. Sun Food & Refreshments served ________________________________________________________

Dao of Freedom

Thursday, March 21st 6:30 – 8:30 PM North Seattle Community College CC 1161  (southwest wing of College Center, 1st floor) click here for room locator


by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD


The ability to free your mind from unwanted thoughts is real freedom.

~ Remez Sasson

Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one’s own person is its ultimate reward.

~ Patricia Sampson In the view of Yi Ren Qigong, freedom is the liberation of one’s authentic self from both internal and external unhealthy limitations, including thoughts, emotions, consciousness, sub-consciousness, preconceived programs, past memories, etc.  In other words, freedom is the way of healthy living in accord with the Dao, the oneness with the source of universal consciousness. Dr. Sun is the executive director of IQ&IM, founder of Yi Ren Qigong and research scientist at Bastyr University.  He has been cultivating and refining his Qi with Yi Ren Qigong for over 30 years.

Freedom through Yi Ren Qigong & Taiji

by Daniel Bertapelle, MS AOMYin-Yang

The Dao describes each of us as having the ability to act freely in our lives.  Yet internal accumulations and outside stagnations continuously seem to prevent us from reaching that goal.  Through Yi Ren Qigong and Taiji, we begin to remove these stagnations and experience freedom in our bodies and our lives. Dan firmly believes that we need physical activity to prevent or even overcome many of the health issues we face as a society today.  He aims to teach you how to benefit your body and mind through the therapeutic movements of Taiji, as he has done for himself over the past 9 years. Group Yi Ren Qigong practice led by Ann Moses, certified YRQ instructor & Taiji experience led by Daniel Bertapelle, YRQ teacher in training Community Nourishment prepared by Amy Putiri, MS CN _____________________________________________________________