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Yi Ren® Qigong Teacher Certification Training Program Tuition and Course Descriptions

Tuition Per Teacher Certification Training Program Seminar

  • $330 Regular Tuition
  • $300 Discounted Tuition – full time students, couples, fixed income, military
  • $360 Professional Tuition – includes CEU documentation. Trainees must confirm acceptance with their governing body.

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Teacher Certification Training Program Course Descriptions

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  1. Introduction & Overview of the Yi Ren® Teacher Training and Review of Levels I, II, III/Teaching Level I BasicsSept. 23-24 2017
  2. Philosophy and Ethics INov. 11-12 2017
  3. Teaching Level I Advanced/Philosophy & Ethics IIJan 20-21 2018
  4. Introduction of the Internal Energy Network or Acupuncture MeridiansMar 24-25 2018
  5. Teaching Level IIMay 19-20 2018
  6. Internal Martial ArtsJuly 28-29 2018 
  7. Virtues and Universal Connections of the Internal OrgansSept. 22-23, 2018 
  8. Teaching Level III, Part OneNov. 17-18, 2018 
  9. Natural Laws and YijingJan. 2019 TBA
  10. Teaching Level III, Part TwoMar. 2019 TBA
  11. The Secret of the Golden Flower and Spiritual AwakeningJuly 2019 TBA
  12. Teaching Overview
  1. Introduction & Overview of the Yi Ren® Teacher Training and Review of Levels I, II, III/Teaching Level I Basics

    Instructor: Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

    Day One:  Introduction & Overview of the Yi Ren® Teacher Training
    Introducing Yi Ren® Qigong teaching philosophy and approach, this class will cover the importance of teacher training, goals of teacher training and expected outcomes.  The Level I, II and III exercises and content will be reviewed.

    Day Two:  Teaching Level I Basics
    Beginning methods of how to teach Level I will be discussed.  This will include an introduction of Yin/Yang theory application and complementary exercises for instructing a Level 1 class.
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  2. Philosophy and Ethics I

    Instructor: Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

    The purpose of these two days is to provide the trainees with the basic tenets of Yi Ren® philosophy and support their ethical authenticity with practical meditation coding. The Yi Ren® Instructor Code of Ethics and Conduct, guiding principles of Yi Ren® instructors and expected leadership qualities will be introduced.  The role of instructors in relationship with addictions and energetic information from students will be discussed.  To provide trainees with tools and support, exercises and meditations will focus on boundary setting plus the cultivation and coding of such qualities as Dignity, Confidence, Detachment and Self-Realization.
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  3. Teaching Level I Advanced/Philosophy & Ethics II

    Instructor: Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

    Day One: Teaching Level I Advanced
    In order to comfortably and competently teach and manage the energies of a Level I class, the use the Level II and III exercises to support Level I instruction will be further discussed.  The complementary exercises for the Level I curriculum will be practiced and guidelines given.  Additional instruction and discussion of the application of the Yin/Yang theory will be covered.

    Day Two: Philosophy & Ethics II
    The ethics of energetic management will be the focus. This will include the discussion of the possible/potential misuses of the energetic interactions as well as learning ways to follow the energetic interactions by utilizing the code of love and oneness with the virtues.  The ultimate goal is to honor, respect and appreciate the universal energy support and blessings.
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  4. Introduction of the Internal Energy Network or Acupuncture Meridians

    Instructor: Dr. Angela Tseng, DAOM, LAc

    To provide trainees with a broader understanding of the energy pathways of the internal energy network, the twelve internal organ meridians and the ten extraordinary meridians and the key points related to the Yi Ren® energetic practice is the intent of this seminar.   The Five Element theory and energetic cycles and traditional Chinese medicine will be introduced as they relate to Yi Ren® energetic exercises.
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  5. Teaching Level II

    Instructor: Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

    To provide trainees with the tools and techniques to teach and manage the energy of a Level II class, further application of Yin/Yang theory and the practical application of Five Element theory will be presented and practiced.
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  6. Internal Martial Arts

    Instructor: Lauri Amidon, YRCI

    Internal power and flexibility is developed by bringing different energies together in the body while adding physical force to the muscles and tendons during practice.   A fusion of energies can then occur through this integration, establishing lasting effects in the body tissues which then increases strength and quality of life. This internal strength development will provide trainees with further tools to assist with energetic boundary setting and integrity.
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  7. Virtues and Universal Connections of the Internal Organs

    Instructor: Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

    This seminar is to assist the trainee to connect to the higher frequencies of the internal organs.  The goal is for each trainee to cultivate their own internal virtues, allowing them to then synchronize or connect to the universal higher frequencies and form the trinity—between the universal energies, teacher and students—so that the class and teacher can/will be supported by the universal energies and blessings.
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  8. Teaching Level III, Part One

    Instructor: Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

    To further support trainees in experiencing the trinity and the oneness between themselves, their students and with the universal energies, the application of the Code of Virtues will be taught and practiced.
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  9. Natural Laws and Yijing

    Instructor: Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

    Based on the Book of Change and building upon the Level III trigram coding of the Extraordinary Meridians, trainees are introduced to the concepts and qualities of the eight trigrams and taught full hexagram meditations.  With application of the energetic code interactions, the trainee can begin to understand the qualities and movement of universal energies and develop the ability to recognize, understand and benefit from these energies.
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  10. Teaching Level III, Part Two

    Instructor: Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

    To gain a deeper understanding of the natural laws of energetic interaction is the focus this weekend.  This allows the trainee to be aware of the outcome of different energy interactions, to facilitate the healing process and to gain awareness, guidance and insights pertaining to different life situations.  Such awareness can help the trainee find the best solutions and make wise choices regarding energetic interactions between the trainee and their environment.  This cultivation, the application of the Yijing trigrams and the utilization of the trigram meditations in turn supports the trainee’s ability to successfully teach Level III.
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  11. The Secret of the Golden Flower and Spiritual Awakening

    Instructor: Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

    In order to understand the relationship of the Original Primary Spirit and the conscious mind, the fundamental principals and approach from The Secret of the Golden Flower will be introduced. What is the Secret of the Golden Flower, how to transform the conscious mind to serve the primary spirit and how the instructor’s work is part of his/her spiritual awakening and development will be considered.  This is to provide the trainee with a better understanding of their own personal spiritual growth, assist with their outlook on life in general, and teaching the Yi Ren® practice in particular.The Spirituality and the Secret of the Golden Flower meditations for transformation, Pure Land, Vital Water and Spiritual Fire, will be taught.
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  12. Teaching Overview

    Instructor: Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

    This weekend will focus on review and practice of teaching complements and coding.  In addition, this is the time for discussion and feedback arising from initial, real life, teacher assisting experiences and to ask questions, seek clarification and instruction.  There will also be time devoted to the subject of starting to teach and setting up a business.
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