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Human Potential and Life Force Radio Show

Human Potential and Life Force empowers you to develop your inherent potential through authentic Qi/Vital Energy /Life Force Cultivation. Learn the knowledge about the functions of human body at energetic and informational levels and understand the intelligence of human body for energetic communications and healing capacities. You will also gain new perspectives and understanding on the intelligence of the human body for developing the inherent potential.

Topics covered life force cultivation for human potential development include: healing with potential life force, quality of life with life force, body awakening with life force, spiritual awakening with life force, better relationships with life force, creativity with life force, higher dimensional communications with life force, and oneness with life force.

Tune in to Human Potential and Life Force, Thursdays at 11 AM Pacific Time or browse an archive of previous shows.

Learn about Yi Ren Qigong®, or begin your healing journey with an IQ&IM class or seminar.

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