Get Started with a Level I Weekly Class

ONGOING Level I is taught every Wednesday evening, except holidays and seasonal breaks, as a combination of two classes:  Qi-Activation and Level I training.  

When first starting Yi Ren Qigong Level I training, it is recommended that you attend both the Qi-Activation class and the Level I class combination at least three times.  After attending the Qi-Activation class with Level I three times, you may choose to attend just the Level I class.


QI-ACTIVATION: The Introduction

WINTER QUARTER 2017:  January 18 to April 5

SPRING QUARTER 2017: April 12 to June 28

Wednesdays, 6 to 6: 50 p.m.

This class introduces Qigong theory and foundational exercises for internal Qi-energy activation or the activation of the “Life Gate,” the battery pack of our energy system.  Relaxation techniques for quieting the mind and increasing energy flow are also included.

There is no charge for the Qi-Activation classes, but REGISTRATION is REQUIRED.

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LEVEL I: The Foundation

WINTER QUARTER 2017:  January 18 to April 5

SPRING QUARTER 2017: April 12 to June 28

Wednesdays, 7 to 8:30 p.m.

This course expands on your Qi-activation and you will learn how to begin cultivating, grounding and circulating your internal energy. You will also learn how to activate your Marrow and Brain Gates, which involves connecting with your autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS is the body’s control system, enabling and empowering us to balance and harmonize our internal organ functions.

The purpose of these exercises is to activate and stabilize the energy field, increase internal energy levels and develop the body’s internal energetic communication system.  This is preparation for Level II, where we activate and circulate energy through the 12 internal organ meridians.  These Qi-energy based exercises will help increase your vitality and creativity, enhance your immunity and self-healing, and improve your quality of life.

The complete Yi Ren Level I course material is covered in an eight week period.

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  • 1 class $25, 4 class punchcard $90, 8 class punchcard $160.

Punchcards are non-refundable and are valid for 6 months from purchase date.

  • If this is your first trip to our Center in Bothell, please map your route ahead of time.  Call 206.290.6072 if you need assistance.

  • Our address is 10127 Main Place, Suite B, Bothell, WA 98011.  Please note, we are NOT located on Main Street.  We are in the Logsdon Building that fronts on Main Street, but our door in around the back of the building.  We are located behind (Northside) and below Main Street Antiques.  There is free parking between 101st and 102nd Avenues along 183rd Street.  Click here for map and directions

Unable to make the 6 PM class…no worries, there’s more than one way to get started…

There are a couple other ways to learn Qi-activation with a certified instructor:

  • Participate in Level I part 1 seminar or class with Dr. Sun or a certified Yi Ren instructor.

  • Schedule private sessions with a certified instructor.  Call 206-290-6072 or email info@IQIM.org for more information.