Guiding Principles

Guiding Principle # 1

Empower the Potential Life Force and the Healing Power Within

The body has the inherent power and ability to establish, maintain, and restore its health. In general, the healing process is ordered and intelligent; the body can heal by itself, for example, in the case of injuries and broken bones.  However, when individuals are sick or have become weakened to a certain degree, the inherent healing power and programs cannot be activated automatically.  Intervention then becomes necessary.  This is the point at which people often start looking to “alternative” medicine for help.  A lot of people start practicing qigong because they are already sick.  How fortunate to begin when one is still in a relative state of health and youthfulness! Yi Ren Qigong practices provide tools to assist individuals in empowering and activating the deeper layers of inherent life force, facilitating the healing process and health recovery, as well as in achieving self-mastery and self-fulfillment.  

Guiding Principle # 2

Improve Balance and Harmony Within and Without

Good health exists when the internal body is balanced and harmonized and its “Qi” is flowing freely.  Yi Ren Qigong is a mind-body integrative practice which works with a growing awareness and enhancement of the “Qi” within the body as well as surrounding the body.  Yi Ren Qigong practice involves a complex of internal interactions between the mind and the body at the spiritual, mental, and emotional levels, as well as between the individual and their living environment.  There are intrinsic levels of practice, and there are extrinsic levels of practice; the latter include such areas as interactions between one’s genetic makeup and the environment, nutritional choices, and personal and social relationships.  Yi Ren Qigong practice promotes internal and external energy interactions and improves balance and harmony between the internal organs as well as between the body and mind.  The harmonious functioning of all aspects of the individual is essential to recovery from disease and advanced personal growth and development.  

Guiding Principle # 3

Enhance the Strength and the Ability of the Body, not of Disease  

Illness weakens the body and can create the conditions for the body to continue losing energy to disease.  For example, from the Yi Ren Qigong perspective, there are three reasons for cancer: (1) cancer cells are getting too much energy, (2) the body’s immune system has become weakened, and (3) most importantly, there are miscommunications going on within the body.  During energetic healing sessions, there are energy and information exchanges between the Qigong therapist and patient(s). Yi Ren Qigong therapists must be mindful to enhance the patients’ strength, immunity, and neuroendocrine system in order to restore the functions of the body, but NOT to give energy to the disease.  Yi Ren Qigong practice facilitates and supports health and quality of life; it does not promote disease.  The emphasis is on building health by developing healthy habits, such as eating a healthy diet and doing appropriate exercise, as well as on stopping unhealthy habits such as quitting smoking, stopping unhealthy food addictions or other addictions and reducing excess stress and so forth. 

Guiding Principle # 4

Assist Individuals to Identify and Treat the Cause and Root of Their Health Condition

Illness does not occur without cause.  Symptoms are signals and expressions of the body’s communications, but they are not the causes of disease.   Causes may occur on many levels including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.   To accurately identify and treat the cause and root of disease with Yi Ren Qigong specific practice can help individuals to recover from illness completely.  Yi Ren Qigong practice increases both the therapists/practitioners’ awareness levels and assists individuals to evaluate and identify fundamental underlying causes on all levels, and encourages practitioners to work on the root causes rather than symptoms.