Our Services

IQ&IM’s Center for Wellness offers a variety of services in both private and group settings.  Service include Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine), Energetic Consultations, Weight Management with Chinese Medicine, Natural Diabetes Prevention and More.   Emphasis is placed on integrating these services with the cultivation of authentic Qi-vital energy and empowering the inherent healing ability from within.

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Qi/Energetic Acupuncture

Acupuncturists at IQ&IM’s Center for Wellness incorporate health information gathered during the client’s intake, including a client’s health history and the Energetic Assessment, to formulate a treatment plan that is suitable for the client’s condition.

IQ&IM’s acupuncturists partner with clients to address a range of health conditions as well as to assist in balancing the flow of Qi/energy throughout the body. Acupuncture sessions are intended to provide the support needed to:

  • facilitate healing
  • help strengthen the Qi-Mind-Body-Spirit connection for overall wellness
  • promote balance and optimal organ function
  • reduce pain
  • restore bio-mechanical function.

Click here to see the World Health Organization’s list of conditions that can be treated with acupuncture.

Condition-Specific Qigong Exercises (What is Yi Ren® Qigong?)

Sessions at IQ&IM’s Center for Wellness may include Yi Ren Qigong exercises that are specific to the health condition of a client and address the particular acupuncture meridian and organ system that needs more balance or added support. One might think of Qigong as similar to acupuncture without needles because the exercises also have the function to regulate, nourish, and balance the body’s Qi/Energy for greater health.

These Qigong exercises can be practiced daily to enhance the treatment plan and allow clients to manage their health proactively at home.   They will assist to:

  • relieve pain
  • reduce stress
  • promote vitality
  • enhance awareness of the body’s intelligence for healing wellness.

External Qi-energy Healing Services

The practice of External Qi-energy Healing is called “External Qigong.”  During a Qigong healing session, the Qigong practitioner emits Qi-energy that includes healing intelligence and energetic information to facilitate the healing process and wellness of the client. During the healing session, the Qigong practitioner places his/her hand(s) several inches away from the body without physical contact and emits Qi-energy to remove any unhealthy influences and to supplement any deficiencies of the clients Qi-energy.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Acupuncturists at IQ&IM’s Center for Wellness may use the Energetic Assessment and Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis to design a custom herbal formula or to suggest a patent herbal formula for the client to take in order to continue to support his/her treatment plan for positive change between acupuncture visits.