Schedule & Registration 2014-2016 TCTP

2014 – 2016 Teacher Training Program

Schedule and Registration 

Seminars are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

YearSeminar DatesTeacherSeminar Seminar Registration
2014October 11th – 12th Dr. Sun Philosophy & Ethics-I / Teaching Level-I Basics Completed
2014December 13th – 14thDr. Sun Philosophy & Ethics-II / Teaching Level-I AdvCompleted
2015February 7th – 8thDr. Sun EWB/ISD I: Heart & Small Intestine Completed
2015April 4th – 5th Dr. Sun EWB/ISD II: Lung & LiverCompleted
2015June 6th – 7thDr. Sun EWB/ISD III: Reproductive & Lymphatic SystemsCompleted
2015August 8th - 9thDr. SunEWB/ISD IV: Kidney & Urinary BladderCompleted
2015September 19Dr. SunEWB/ISD IV: Kidney & BladderCompleted
2015October 10th – 11thDr. Sun EWB/ISD V: Liver & Gall BladderCompleted
2015December 12th -13thDr. Sun EWB/ISD VI: Stomach & Pancreas Completed
2016February 6th – 7thDr. Sun Philosophy & Ethics III / Teaching Level II Completed
2016April 2nd – 3rdDr. Sun Philosophy & Ethics IV/ Teaching Level II Completed
2016June 4th – 5thDr. Sun Teaching Level IIICompleted
2016August 6th – 7thDr. Sun Teaching OverviewRegister
2016AugustDr. Sun staff and volunteersGraduation