Teacher Certification Training Program Schedule 2014 – 2016


Seminar Schedule and Registration

YearSeminar DatesTeacherSeminar Seminar Registration
2014October 11th – 12th Dr. Sun Philosophy & Ethics-I / Teaching Level-I Basics Completed
2014December 13th – 14thDr. Sun Philosophy & Ethics-II / Teaching Level-I AdvCompleted
2015February 7th – 8thDr. Sun EWB/ISD I: Heart & Small Intestine Completed
2015April 4th – 5th Dr. Sun EWB/ISD II: Lung & LiverCompleted
2015June 6th – 7thDr. Sun EWB/ISD III: Reproductive & Lymphatic SystemsCompleted
2015August 8th - 9thDr. SunEWB/ISD IV: Kidney & Urinary BladderCompleted
2015September 19Dr. SunEWB/ISD IV: Kidney & BladderCompleted
2015October 10th – 11thDr. Sun EWB/ISD V: Liver & Gall BladderCompleted
2015December 12th -13thDr. Sun EWB/ISD VI: Stomach & Pancreas Completed
2016February 6th – 7thDr. Sun Philosophy & Ethics III / Teaching Level II Completed
2016April 2nd – 3rdDr. Sun Philosophy & Ethics IV/ Teaching Level II Completed
2016June 4th – 5thDr. Sun Teaching Level IIICompleted
2016August 6th – 7thDr. Sun Teaching OverviewRegister
2016AugustDr. Sun staff and volunteersGraduation

Seminar Registration Information

If you have any questions or need assistance with registration, email info@iqim.org or call 206.290.6072.

Please note:

  • All seminars are taught by Dr. Sun and assisted by Certified Yi Ren Qigong Instructors (CYRQI).
  • All seminars are open to all Yi Ren Qigong community members who have complete Level-III training.
  • All seminars are open to currently registered Teacher Trainees (TT) and also to Certified Yi Ren Qigong Instructors (CYRQI) pending availability.
  • The Emotional Well Being and Internal Strength Development seminars are additionally open to Advanced Practitioners (AP).
  • Teacher Certification Training Program (TCTP) seminars are offered at our Bothell location – 10127 Main Place, Suite B, Bothell, WA 98011 –  from 10AM – 6PM (one hour lunch).
  • Registration links will be posted 2-3 months prior to seminar date.
  • To register for a class or seminar, please click on the registration link for the appropriate course.  Another web page will automatically open in your web browser.
    • Complete the online registration form.
    • NOTICE :  We are now only accepting online payments.  To pay with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express) or with your PayPal account, select the PayPal option.  This will open the PayPal webpage.  (Note: to pay with your credit card, select “Don’t have a PayPal Account” and you’ll be prompted to enter your credit card information)



Information about the IQ&IM Teachers Certification and Trainning Program:

Our application process is closed for the current Teachers Certification and Training Program beginning Fall 2014.

If you have questions about the Teachers Certification and Training Program, email TCTP@iqim.org

The following information is current for class/program that began in Fall 2014:


Tuition payments are due at each seminar.  A limited number of scholarships may be available.

The program is designed for Yi Ren Qigong Teacher Trainees to complete in 2 years; however, if you would like to take your time for any reason, you have up to five years to complete the certification requirements, at which time, you can re-apply using the standards at that time.

TCTP Seminars also open to Advanced Practitioners, especially those interested in the TCTP, and Certified Yi Ren Qigong Instructors (scroll down for drop-in tuition rate information).

Estimated Total Student Tuition for Fall 2014 – 2016**

Teacher Certification Training Program consists of the following:

  • 12 weekend seminars (14 hours/weekend; 168 training hours)
  • 1 weekend elective seminar (ie. Jing Rou, Taiji, Yijing, Qi Nourishment Series, Marketing for Qigong Instructors, etc.) (12 training hours)
  • Weekly class or weekend seminar as assistant teacher 

Discount Tuition

  • Full- or part-time students, recently graduated from university or college, retired, fixed income, military, repeat enrollment
  • $300 (12 seminars; 168 training hours) = $3,600
  • One Elective (12 training hours) 2 one-day or 1 two-day seminar = $260-275*
  • Weekly class or weekend seminar as assistant teacher (50% off tuition) = $130-230*

Total Tuition = $3,990 – 4,105

 Regular Tuition

  • $330 (12 seminars/168 training hours) = $3,960
  • One Elective (12 training hours) 2 one-day or 1 two-day seminar = $275-300*
  • Weekly class or weekend seminar as assistant teacher (50% off tuition) = $130-300*

Total Tuition = $4,365 – $4,560

Professional Tuition

  • Licensed or certified health care professionals seeking Continuing Education Units (180 training hours)
  • $360 (12 seminars) = $4,320
  • One Elective (12 training hours) 2 one-day or 1 two-day seminar = $260-300*
  • Weekly class or weekend seminar as assistant teacher (50% off tuition) = $130-300*

Total Tuition = $4,710-$4,920

Drop-in Tuition Rates

  • Drop-in tuition rates apply for currently certified teachers and advance practitioners. Please see the actual registration form. The rates shown for teachers do not apply for coursework satisfying re-certification requirements.


* costs are estimates based on IQ&IM tuition rates, certified instructors may have different rates for assisting

** Tuition fees subject to change