Seasonal Refreshment Series



Spring Refreshment in the Year of the Fire Rooster

March 18 & 19, 2017

The material presented in this year’s seminar will take into account the specific energies of the Spring season in the Year of the Fire Rooster.

Instructor:  Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

Prerequisite:  completion of Level II part 1 & 2 seminars or Level II eight week class.

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Bringing new fresh energy to all living organisms, Spring presents wonderful challenges and opportunities.  As new growth bursts forth, the Spring energy often over-stimulates the Liver Qi (wood) and our bodies take in too much cold or dampness.  Excess Liver Qi weakens the kidneys and overpowers the stomach and pancreas, resulting in seasonal allergies and sinus, digestive, and eye problems.

During this 2-day seminar, Dr. Sun will share specific Taoist Bigu preparation exercises and a special protocol to enhance the Kidney Qi, refine the Liver Qi, and empower the Stomach Qi.  These exercises help heal seasonal health conditions, such as allergies and digestive disorders, as well as, improve the quality of life for people with excess Liver Qi conditions–which is most of us living here in the Northwest!

This seminar is based on the Taoist Bigu practice.  Bigu literally means to avoid grains.  In advanced practice, Qigong practitioners begin to experience the body’s ability to absorb Qi-energy from the living environment which is called “Na Qi” or “Fu Qi.”  This is an advanced Taoist Qigong technique for cleansing and recharging.

When this occurs, Bigu is called “Qigong Fasting” and provides Qi-energy support for fasting, making “Qigong Fasting” very different from conventional Western “food-fasting.” The successful Bigu practitioner will not feel hunger or weakness but will feel more energized with increased clarity and will experience feeling really good.

Qigong fasting can be viewed as an internal energy system upgrading practice for increasing the use of cleaner and higher quality energy thus reducing the use of low quality and dirty energy.  Increased mental clarity, weight loss and detoxification are effects of Qigong fasting and can be astounding–often leading to self-healing, rejuvenation and greater appreciation of a personalized healthy diet.  In addition, Qigong fasting may activate the cellular cleaners for removing the cellular waste products from cells for greater health for many Qigong practitioners.

It is not necessary to fast to experience the deep benefits of the exercises presented this weekend.  The practice, in and of itself, is deeply nourishing and greatly supports your internal cultivation process.

With this seminar, increase your ability to synchronize your system to the natural seasonal changes–an attunement that is fundamental to healing and healthy living.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

CEUs available for health care professionals for $15 per seminar.  Please check with your professional organization for acceptability.  CEUs may be purchased with your registration or at the seminar.  You will receive 12hrs of CEUs for one weekend or 24hrs of CEUs for two weekends of training.

Tuition Rates & Discounts

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*  Discount eligibility:  full-time students, retired individuals, fixed income, military, families/couples/partners or repeat enrollment

Refund Policy

effective 10/1/2016

If IQ&IM receives cancellation request in writing at least 8 days before the course start date, the participant receives a full refund minus $25.
If IQ&IM receives cancellation request in writing 7-1 days before the course start date, the participant receives a full refund minus $40.
If IQ&IM receives cancellation request in writing within 24 hours of the course start date, the participant receives a full refund minus $65.

If a participant is only able to attend one day of a two day course, the participant must pay the full two day fee. 

No refunds after completion of course.