Level III Part 2 with Dr. Sun: June 2 & 3

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October, 2021

Dear Yi Ren Qigong Community Members,

Dr. Sun has in recent weeks been making great improvements in his energy and general health condition, and his outlook is more cheerful and positive, and we are hopeful he will be making complete recovery. It’s too soon to say when he’ll be fully restored, but we wanted to let everyone know there are clear and observable improvements now, and that we anticipate and are confident of continued progress in Dr. Sun’s recovery.

Dr. Sun gave so much of himself in order to spare others suffering, and he has been having to deal with the real cost of that. If everyone can imagine him as completely well and in high spirits, that would be very much appreciated by him–and healing for him–to feel his students helping to create the path.

We hope that Dr. Sun’s healing process can, in some way, be a healing process for the community as well. The Institute has been many things to many people, but above all it has been a tremendous treasure committed to educating everyone in the energy- information that had always been right in front of us all along but that we had never before understood. Dr. Sun was absolutely committed to making this known and experienced repeatedly to one and all!

Thank you everyone for your care, your cards, your good wishes, and all the support our family has felt so tangibly in this past year.

In Community,
Jill Gonet and Dr. Sun

Message From the IQ&IM Board to the Yi Ren Community:

Please join us in gratitude for the news of Dr. Sun’s improved health status and in envisioning him as healthy, happy and thriving in the future. 

For the time being, IQ&IM will remain in place until the next step reveals itself. IQ&IM activities remain suspended at this time, as messaged previously. 

As a community, we have all received so much from this practice of authentic Qi. We hope it will continue to be an important part of self-care, energetic cultivation, and health maintenance for the Yi Ren Qigong community. In addition, we hope Yi Ren Certified Instructors and community members will continue their support for one another.

IQ&IM Board 
Leanne Preble, President
Myrna Lipman, Vice-President
Sharron San Martino, Treasurer
Akbar Sparks, Secretary