Level III Part 2 with Dr. Sun: June 2 & 3

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February, 2021

Dear Yi Ren Community:

As many of you may be aware, Dr. Sun has not been feeling completely well, particularly since the summer of 2019. He has, consequently, decided to focus on his own health and wellbeing these past months and is now beginning to see some improvement and would like to continue to focus on self-care and his own health maintenance practice and cultivation.

Dr. Sun and I hope everyone will support Dr. Sun as he chooses to follow his own advice of self-care, one that he has shared over the years with all of his students. As he wrote in an early practitioner manual: “When practitioners are able to use their developed body to assist another, they need to be careful and aware of the limits of the body so that practitioners do not exhaust or damage themselves.” (p.69, Yi Ren Qigong: A Guide to a Better Functioning Body and a Peaceful Mind, 2003).

We sincerely hope that Dr. Sun’s students, grand-students, and great grand-students will join together in wishing Dr. Sun the very best and thus support him in refreshing his health and energetic balance.

Dr. Sun always intended to work at the Institute well into his senior years, as long as he possibly could, in order to assure the viability of the Institute and the legacy he wished to leave. Dr. Sun and I hope in the future that Dr. Sun will feel renewed and able to resume his work at some point, although that is not for certain, and in the meantime he has no successors in mind to take up his post at IQ&IM. So many of his students have received so much from this practice of authentic Qi, and we hope it will continue to be an important part of self-care, energetic cultivation, and health maintenance for the Yi Ren Qigong community as the Institute transitions into an inactive state at this time.

Thank you all for your understanding, and your prayers and good wishes for Dr. Sun. We hope you will keep the authentic Qi going in positive directions, to benefit your cultivation and the wellbeing of the collective.

Guan-Cheng Sun and Jill Gonet

Message From the IQ&IM Board to the Yi Ren Community:

After a great deal of heartfelt consideration, the Board has chosen to suspend Institute activities. IQ&IM will remain in place, just quiet for now, until the next step reveals itself. As you can well imagine, this has been an extremely difficult decision to reach, for as fellow members of the Yi Ren community, we also share in the gratitude for the very special gifts, support, wisdom that the Institute and Dr. Sun have offered so generously to the Yi Ren community.

As the Institute goes through the process of suspension, we will continue to do our best to serve your needs as a community. We will be following up with more information for you as we work out the details.

In broad terms, inactive status will mean the following for IQ&IM and the Yi Ren community:

    • The Institute will no longer actively offer Yi Ren Qigong classes and Wellness services.
    • All classes and Wellness Services will conclude by February 28, 2021.
    • Tuition refunds will be made to students that have signed up for future classes.
    • Wellness Services will be working directly with their patients to provide referrals for future care. Wellness refunds will be made for unused portions of Wellness packages.
    • For students interested in learning Yi Ren Qigong, continuing their studies, or seeking practice support, we will be providing contact information for all Yi Ren Certified Instructors.
    • For currently Certified Instructors and all practitioners that have completed their Yi Ren Teacher Certification information will be forthcoming.
    • Details regarding the IQ&IM website access is under discussion and information will be forthcoming as to purchased classes and Yi Ren manuals and videos.

Please contact us at info@IQIM.org should you have questions.

As a community, we have all received so much from this practice of authentic Qi. We hope it will continue to be an important part of self-care, energetic cultivation, and health maintenance for the Yi Ren Qigong community. In addition, we hope Yi Ren Certified Instructors will continue to support to one another.

Please join us in extending our heartfelt gratitude, appreciation, and appreciation to Dr. Sun for his years of service and sharing and support.

IQ&IM Board
Leanne Preble, Akbar Sparks and Doug Lewis