Yi Ren® Qigong Classes and Programs

IQ&IM’s Center for Education is central to our mission of providing exemplary education and promoting wellness in the community. We provide this through:

Introductory Qigong Classes

medical qigong trainingGetting started with Yi Ren® Qigong is easy. Simply sign up for an Introductory Class such as A Journey of a Thousand Miles or a Weekly Level 1 class or a Level I Weekend seminar. The Level 1 class activates and increases internal qi to promote the body’s self-healing potential. It is a pre-requisite for many of the other classes at IQ&IM.

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Foundation Series

medical qigong certificationThe Foundation Series is a three-level series (Levels I, II, and III), each level taught in two 2-day weekends, or as an 8- week series. The Foundation Series classes are a prerequisite for most Advanced Yi Ren® Qigong Training classes (see individual class descriptions for prerequisites).



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Advanced Qigong Classes

Advanced Qigong Classes at iQ&IMAdvanced Training in Yi Ren® Qigong includes varying class series designed to improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being through advanced qigong cultivation practices. The Advanced classes include:

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Teacher Certification Training Program (TCTP)

IQ&IM’s Teacher Certification Training Program (TCTP) is designed for individuals wishing to teach others Yi Ren® Qigong and to further their own practice and cultivation.

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Find a Certified Instructor

Contact one of our independent Certified Yi Ren Qigong Instructors to find a class near you.

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