2020 Fall Qi Thirty Challenge

For thirty days starting November 14, make a special commitment to nourish, restore, and focus yourself through joining the QI THIRTY Yi Ren® Community Challenge.

A Yi Ren® Treasure | The Internal Energy Activation Exercise

The exercise chosen for this special Community Challenge is the very first exercise that Dr. Sun, as a child of nine, learned from his Daoist Granduncle. At that time, the Internal Energy Center Activation Exercise was a key component in saving Dr. Sun’s life. For the next three years, it was the exercise that Dr. Sun had to do daily before his Granduncle would agree to teach him any additional exercises.

Having achieved through regular practice a deep inner balance and restoration of their health and energy on many levels, over the years, many Yi Ren® practitioners, like Dr. Sun, have experienced how special and life changing this exercise can be.


When you register:

  • Each week you will receive a weekly practice video.
  • Each subsequent video will provide additional refinements and upgrades for the Internal Energy Center Activation Exercise.
  • For practitioners who wish to extend or add variations to their practice additional suggestions will be provided.
  • The practices will be of different lengths so you can tailor your practice time to suit your needs.

Gifts you can give to yourself:

  • Make a personal self-assessment at the start and end of the thirty days.
  • Set personal goals – changes, where you would like to be at the end of the month, at the end of the year.
  • Develop a practice commitment to see yourself through the holiday season.
  • Develop and/or deepen the habit of doing a regular practice to support your health, develop your internal resiliency, creativity and resources in order to better meet life’s many opportunities for growth and change.
  • Center yourself on what truly matters.
  • Grow your energetic capacity for change.

YES! I challenge myself and join the QI THIRTY CHALLENGE.

  • I Challenge Myself – $20
  • I Challenge Myself | For Those in Need of Financial Assistance – $5

To Register for the QI THIRTY CHALLENGE


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