Classes for Certified Instructors

Yearly Certified Instructor Retreat:

July 2020

In response to Yi Ren Qigong instructor requests, the following will be included in this weekend class:

  • Review of exercises for strengthening the immunity and coping with excess stress in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Discussion and assistance with dealing with issues that come with teaching online seminars and classes.
  • Sharing of new practices and realizations about spiritual growth and development with a special focus on energy management.

PLEASE NOTE:  Normally, twenty-four hours or two two-day seminars are required per Instructor Agreement period to maintain or re-certify as a Yi Ren Instructor. Since this year it is not possible to meet as usual in an in-person format, July’s nine-hour class will be considered equivalent to the yearly twelve-hour Instructor Retreat and will count as a twelve hours towards the twenty-four hour requirement.

Classes for Certified Teachers:

Prerequisite:  Completion of the Yi Ren Teacher Certification Training Program

TCTP Seminars:

Prerequisite:  Completion of the Yi Ren Teacher Certification Training Program or TCTP admission

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