Golden Bones

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The Golden Bones seminars are the 2017-2018 thee-part Yi Ren Qigong advanced practitioner seminar series.

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Golden Bones | Part I

Internal cultivation can be viewed as a great self-refining process as Master Lü Dongbin stated his poem Refining:

Return to the source, go back to the original nature—begin the search here.

Circulate the vital energy through the golden tripod, hear the dragon and tiger roar.

The body not old, ordinary things find it hard to get in, as one’s face becomes like a child’s again, and one’s bones turn to gold.

~Translated by Jill Gonet

There is a saying in Chinese called “tuo tai huan gu” (脱胎换骨), which describes the internal cultivation process beautifully.  It means to remould oneself thoroughly and to be reborn again and rise to the higher self.  The goal of this seminar is to discuss the meanings of selected Lü Dongbins poems and meditate on his poems and instructions to deep our internal cultivation, transformation and spiritual growth.

Golden Bones | Part II

100 Character Inscription is Master Lü Dongbin’s instructions for different levels of internal cultivation and will be the focus of Golden Bones II.

100 Character Inscription:

When cultivating the Qi, you hold your mind within.
Forgetting words and reaching the state of wu-wei…
You sit and listen to melodies from no strings,
a brightness communicating from the
mechanism of creation…”

~Master Lü Dongbin, translated by Jill Gonet

Golden Bones | Part III

The Golden Flower is the reflection and expression of the primary spirit.
Golden Bones are the reflection and expression of the union of the spirit and the body.

Both the Golden Flower and the Golden Bones are Master Lü Dongbin’s teachings about internal Elixir cultivation and formation and of authentic self-realization and fulfillment.

Master Lü Dongbin’s poem about the medicine of longevity is the inspiration for this seminar. The Golden Bones III practice will be for experiencing the medicine of longevity where the vital energy transforms to Elixir Qi and the light returns to the Heart of Heaven for nourishing and refining the primary spirit.

Prerequisites: Completion of Yi Ren Qigong Level III weekly series or weekend seminar or course equivalent by a certified Yi Ren Qigong instructor.  The prerequisite for Parts 2 and 3 is attendance of the previous Golden Bones seminar.

Instructor: Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun