Level III: Energizing the Extraordinary Meridians

Yijing Series Advanced Yiren Qigong Series

Last in the Foundational Series, Level III teaches qigong exercises for activating the extraordinary meridians, key to bringing in universal qi to nourish the brain, nervous system, endocrine system, as well as the twelve organ meridians.

Level III is recommended as the next step in Yi Ren® Qigong training after Level II and is a prerequisite for most Advanced Training Courses (see individual course descriptions for prerequisites).

Level III may be taken in one of two formats:

  • In 2 two-day weekends (register for Part 1 and Part 2 separately).
  • As a weekly series.

Prerequisites: Level II: Activating and Cultivating the Internal Organ Meridians (weekend seminars Parts 1 and 2, or the complete 8-week weekly class series). Suitable for ages 16 and up and for most fitness levels. Please contact us and your medical doctor if you have concerns about specific health conditions before beginning Yi Ren Qigong practice.

Level III Schedule

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Where: Bothell IQ&IM Center (get directions)

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About Level III Theory and Exercises

About Level III Theory and Exercises

Level III introduces methods for developing awareness and promotion of the vital energy flow through the extraordinary meridians. By cultivating the vital qi through the extraordinary pathways, you can assist the energetic function of the body’s “control systems”: the brain, nervous system, and endocrine system. Level III practice deepens your Level II energetic cultivation of the internal organ pathways, optimizing the intake of external qi to nourish the body and spirit. This course also provides an opportunity for experiential understanding of personal and professional boundaries and provides skills to help you improve overall health and quality of life.

General practices taught in the Level III course include:

  • Harmonizing and balancing the Extraordinary Meridian Universe (Part 1)
  • Upgrading and cultivating the Du and Ren meridians (Part 1)
  • Meditations for exploring the synchronicity between internal body pathways and external energies (Trigram meditations) (Parts 1 and 2)
  • Exercises for energizing and cultivating the Chong (Part 1), Yin/Yang Qiao and Yin/Yang Wei (Part 2), and Du Mai (Belt) (Part 2) meridians.

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