Spirituality and the Golden Flower Series

The Secret of the Golden Flower is an important Taoist internal cultivation scripture taught by Taoist Master Lü Dongbin, the Pure Yang immortal.  The Secret of the Golden Flower explains the origin of the way of human being’s spiritual life. The Golden Flower or golden light represents the original or “prenatal” authentic qi and the expression of the soul and original spirit. The Secret of the Golden Flower reveals how the authentic self and the true human nature can be revealed, realized and fulfilled in the physical body through the cultivation of authentic Qi.

This scripture was first translated into a Western language in 1929, when Richard Wilhelm published a German translation.  Shortly thereafter, Cary F. Baynes–working from Wilhelm’s German version–created an English edition of the text. Both of these editions included a commentary on the text by C.G. Jung.  More recently, in 1991, Thomas Cleary published a new translation of this scripture.

In this four-part seminar series, Dr. Sun shares highlights of his own translation of this scripture and provides specific internal cultivation methods following master Lü Dongbin’s teaching. Through study and practice, participants gain experiential understanding of The Secret of the Golden Flower on internal authentic qi cultivation, consciousness development, and spiritual awakening and growth.

Prerequisites: Completion of Yi Ren Qigong Level III weekly series or weekend seminar. Suitable for ages 16 and up and for most fitness levels. Please contact us and your medical doctor if you have concerns about specific health conditions before beginning Yi Ren Qigong practice.

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Instructor: Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun

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