Blossoming Spiritual Realization

The Teachings of Daoist Immortal Sun Buer:

Her demonstration of courage, dedication and bravery are inspirational.  Her teachings can illuminate the path of blossoming spiritual transformation.

A woman, wife, mother with a gifted intellect and someone who began her internal cultivation at fifty-one, Daoist Immortal Sun Buer faced many of the challenges to internal cultivation that we face today.  Gender roles and restrictions, family ties, life concerns and aggressively busy intellectual minds play controlling roles in most of our lives.   Through her dedication and perseverance, she was able to achieve true transformation of the intellectual mind and detachment from these human involvements and experiences.  She was able to utilize the physical body as a tool and vehicle for learning and cultivation and to transform the body from obscuring and controlling the true expression of spirit to instead using the body for the highest spiritual nourishment and development.

Her expertise can provide guidance for healthy living, healthy diet, how to upgrade the internal energy system, spiritual awakening, growth and realization as well as using the “Wu Wei” to achieve the Xuan state for successful internal cultivation.

In this series of seminars, with the advice and guidance of Jill Gonet, the translator of Sun Buer’s instruction poems, Dr. Sun will share his understanding of Sun Buer’s teaching with participants.  Riding the Phoenix to Penglai:  Instructions on Internal Cultivation and Alchemy by Taoist Immortal Sister, Sun Buer translated by Jill Gonet will be referenced in this series.

Part I: The Beginning of Internal Cultivation | February 16, 2019

“Isn’t cultivation like polishing jade to smoothness, like refining gold to purity?”

In her first cultivation poem, Master Sun Buer pointed out the nature of internal cultivation and gave clear instructions on how to start the internal cultivation process.  She then teaches her students how to cultivate the authentic Qi, the life force within, as she stated in her third poem, “Hold back the breathing and concentrate the mind on the place where the Qi appears in the East.”

In this seminar, by following Master Sun Buer’s instruction, Dr. Sun will share with participants internal cultivation exercises to experience and understand the internal cultivation process.

Part II:  Internal Cultivation and Life Style | April 27, 2019

Internal Cultivation leads to internal awakening, including internal organ awakening with greater awareness of interactions with clothing, diet, living environment, work environment, and so forth.  This increased greater awareness will naturally lead to healthy lifestyle changes.  As Master Sun Buer mentioned in poem 11: “For breakfast, gathering sweet potatoes, in the evening, when hungry, picking lotus flowers.” And in her poem 10: “In the morning, eat the Qi of the sun, like a turtle, in the evening, absorb the essence of the moon, like a toad.”

In order to open the way for making healthy lifestyle changes for internal nourishment and transformation, internal cultivation exercises will be shared by Dr. Sun in this seminar.

Part III: Internal Cultivation for Spiritual Awakening and Growth | June 29, 2019

One of the goals in internal cultivation is spiritual awakening and growth.  This increased greater awareness will naturally lead to healthy lifestyle changes. As Master Sun Buer stated in poem 13: “The spiritual Qi is so flexible and accommodating, vividly alive, one primary spirit.” And in poem 12: “The Qi blends Yin and Yang to oneness, and spirit synchronizes with heaven and earth, forming a trinity.”

With Master Sun Buer’s instructions, Dr. Sun will share internal cultivation exercises with participants in order to explore the way of spiritual awakening and realization.

Daoist  Immortal Sun Buer:  An inspiration to all Daoists 

Throughout her life, Sun Buer was wife, mother, hermit, teacher, immortal, and goddess.

Sun Buer 孙不二(birth name Sun Fuchun 孙富春) was born into a wealthy family in Shandong Province in 1119. She was well educated as a child and enjoyed poetry and calligraphy. In her teens, she married Ma Yu (马钰), the son of a prominent local family. Together they raised three sons.

In 1167, when Sun Fuchun was fifty-one years old, the Daoist teacher Wang Chongyang (王重阳) built a hermitage on land owned by her husband. Master Wang is the founder of what at that time was a new spiritual lineage called Complete Reality Daoism (全真道). Sun Fuchun was the only female member of the seven first-generation Complete Reality disciples that came to be known as the Seven Truly Self-Realized Taoists (七真). She was given the Daoist name “not two” (Buer, 不二) describing oneness with the Dao.  Sun Buer became the early Complete Reality School Matriarch for teaching female internal cultivation and alchemy.