Community Qigong

In honor of the virtue of humanity, “Ren”(仁 : benevolence, kindness, humility), Community Qigong is a space for Yi Ren Qigong practitioners of all levels to deepen their cultivation, refine their practice, and enjoy community healing and togetherness. Each gathering will consist of an hour and a half of Yi Ren Qigong exercises and meditations for energetic seasonal attunement followed by community sharing, nourishment and unity

This group practice is for those seeking to develop or refine their personal practice, in addition to those wanting to experience qigong for the first time.

Come Monday evenings from 7 to 8:30 p.m. for Communi-Qi!


Join us for seasonal Yi Ren Qigong practices that will support your Metal and Wei-Qi, making your transition into Fall a smooth one! 

Synchronizing your Qi through seasonal transitions and with the seasons throughout the year is a wonderful way of staying healthy.

Autumn is associated with the Metal element and, therefore, the Lungs and Large Intestine. The lungs control the circulation of the Wei-Qi or the defensive Qi that protects us from the invasion of wind and cold. The Wei-Qi circulates on the surface between the skin and muscles and is kept in place by the strength of the lungs. If the Wei-Qi is weak, the body is susceptible to invasion by wind and/or cold and we can be susceptible to catching colds and to getting sick. Supporting the lungs at this time of year can strengthen the Wei-Qi and help keep us healthy during the seasonal transition.

Additionally, Fall is a Yin season and the transition from the extreme Yang of summer needs support for a smooth transformation.

Instructors:  Jan Deardorff & Kevin Smith, DC

Tuition: Monthly series of Mondays – $25  |  Single Monday – $10

Where: Bothell IQ&IM Center (get directions)

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