Community Qigong

In honor of the virtue of humanity, “Ren”(仁 : benevolence, kindness, humility), Community Qigong is a space for Yi Ren Qigong practitioners of all levels to deepen their cultivation, refine their practice, and enjoy community healing and togetherness. Each gathering will consist of an hour and a half of Yi Ren Qigong exercises and meditations for energetic seasonal attunement followed by community sharing, nourishment and unity.

This group practice is for those seeking to develop or refine their personal practice, in addition to those wanting to experience qigong for the first time.

Come Monday evenings from 7 to 8:30 p.m. for Communi-Qi!


With Fall having fully established itself by November, the Lung Qi, the Metal element, is correspondingly strengthened.  Because of this, the Lung Qi can potentially overpower the Liver/Gallbladder Qi, adding stress to your holiday season.

Balancing this dynamic interaction with your Yi Ren practice can help your holiday season to be more enjoyable.

Synchronizing your Qi with seasonal transitions and with the shift in universal energies at the change of seasons is a wonderful way of staying healthy throughout the year.

Each season is associated with an element–Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.  During the heart of each season the seasonal universal energies strongly influence the element associated with that season which in turn affects its interactions with the other elements.

This universal influence gives you the seasonal opportunity to direct your cultivation in support of your health and wellbeing—to lay the ground work to enjoy the benefits of universal energy support and sometimes to temper the effect the element may have on your personal energetic configuration.

Instructors:  Jan Deardorff & Kevin Smith, DC, LAc

Tuition: Monthly series of Mondays – $25  |  Single Monday – $10

Where: Bothell IQ&IM Center (get directions)

OCTOBER COMMUNITY QI FOCUS: Mondays 10/7 – 10/28

With the advent of Fall and corresponding decrease of the Fire element, there comes an increase in Cold, Wind and Damp influences. As your system works to adjust to these change in seasonal energies, one often experiences an increase in cold and flu symptoms. It is helpful then to strengthen your immune system, the Wei Chi.

This month Community Qigong will focus on practices that strengthen your Wei Chi. These exercises will emphasize strengthening the organs that create the Wei Chi as well as nourishing the pathways that circulate this protective energy.

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