Yi Ren® Qigong

Brain Refreshment for Everyone

Enhancement of Brain Function and Performance with Authentic Qi Cultivation

Instructor:  Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD 

The brain is an important part of the body, which helps to oversee daily operations in your life. Brain health refers to the ability to learn, remember, plan, manage, judge, concentrate and maintain a clear, active mind. How aware are you of the quality of your brain’s performance?

In the Taoist perspective, the quality of the brain performance depends on the harmony, balance and integration between the functions of the Yin mind/dream system and the yang mind/intellect.

Dr. Sun will introduce basic brain self-care techniques and share Yi Ren Qigong specific exercises for enhancing brain functions and performance as well as for maintaining greater brain health and wellbeing.

No Prerequisite.  A class to benefit BOTH beginners and advanced Yi Ren practitioners.

Regular Tuition — $300 | Early Registration: $275

Discount Tuition — $275 | Early Registration: $220

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