Yi Ren® Qigong

TCTP Requirements for Graduation

Once admitted into the program, the student will be required to fulfill the following requirements to graduate.

  1. 168 training hours (twelve-14 hour seminars) of total course instruction at the 2017-2019 TCTP seminars.
  2. Twelve training hours (1 seminar) of attendance at an advance practitioner Yi Ren® Qigong seminar of your choice.
  3. Trainee assist a complete Level I class series with a certified Yi Ren® instructor or a Level I Part 1 & Part 2 seminar series.  Training log required.
  4. Participation in mentor-led practice groups – at least four per year.  Mentor classes will be held for extra practice and questions and may be held at the Center or other locations depending on the mentor’s choice.  Students will be notified of dates and locations to register.  Attendance log required.
  5. Participation in student practice groups – at least once each month.  Students are required to practice with at least one other person from the program.  Attendance log required.
  6. Trainees are required to regularly assist in the morning set-up, room clearing, snack preparation, evening clearing and closing of the Center each TCTP seminar weekend.
  7. Minimum 300 hours of personal practice per year.  Maintenance of a practice log required.
  8. Eight quarterly journal writing/progress reports (300-500 words)
  9. Annual Personal Cultivation and Realization Report (1200 words)
  10. Conduct an introductory class or demonstration with Yi Ren® Qigong exercises at an I HEAL event, local library, business, etc. (at least 45 minutes) OR publish or co-publish an article in a local or national newsletter, journal, magazine, IQ&IM website, or online journal (500-1500 words).

Certified Yi Ren Qigong Teacher Code of Conduct

Certified Teachers will be expected to uphold the following code of conduct in their teaching and daily lives.

  1. Yi Ren Qigong Teachers shall be dedicated to providing excellent education and shall adhere to high standards of professionalism, integrity, and honesty.
  2. Yi Ren Qigong Teachers shall respect the rights and properties of students, colleagues, and other health professionals, and shall safeguard all confidences and privacy.
  3. Yi Ren Qigong Teachers shall maintain appropriate personal and professional boundaries and recognize that it is unacceptable to manipulate the energy and consciousness of others.
  4. Yi Ren Qigong Teachers shall refrain from any substance abuse and model the highest standards of healthy behavior.
  5. Yi Ren Qigong Teachers shall strive to prevent passive reactive behavior and misuse of energies including mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual energy, or any kind of abuse.
  6. Yi Ren Qigong Teachers shall offer services without favoritism, prejudice, or discrimination with regard to race, gender, religion, nationality, and sexual orientation.
  7. Yi Ren Qigong Teachers are not authorized to provide medical diagnosis or treatment and will not interfere with a student’s pursuit of various wellness and therapeutic modalities.

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