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Summer Solstice 2019 | Year of the Earth Pig | June 15 & 16 with Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

2019 is the Year of the Earth Pig. With the Pig being associated with the Water Element, throughout this year the seasonal Five Element cycle will be interacting with the universal energies of Earth and Water, impacting us on all levels.

Earth “controls” Water in the Five Element regulatory cycle. And Fire “nourishes” Earth in the Five Element creative cycle. This year Earth’s ability to regulate Water is diminished as universally the Fire Element is at an ebb now and through 2022. Earth element’s influence in regulating and refining Water, therefore, may be unstable and insufficient, translating into emotional as well as relationship challenges and obstacles.

This Spring, the Wood element has had the support of the seasonal energetic dynamics to potentially be especially repressive towards our unstable Earth and thus also impacting our Water element and, therefore, our emotional wellbeing and relationships. With the coming of Summer and the switch to the seasonal dominance of Fire, Fire’s role in the dance of the elements predominates and offers us an opportunity to nourish Earth. With refined alignment, through internal cultivation support, the Earth Pig can benefit resulting in our personal Summer enrichment and providing for an abundant Fall harvest.

Choices at these times of seasonal transition are especially important. Remember, to the Chinese, the Pig symbolizes prosperity, wealth, fertility and abundant good luck. So what choices will you make to enhance and benefit your Earth Pig this Summer and Fall?

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Prerequisites: Completion of Yi Ren Qigong Level III weekly series or weekend seminar.

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