Yi Ren® Qigong

Qi-Energy Management Series — Details & Requirements

PREREQUISITE to Apply to Series: Completion of Yi Ren®  Qigong Foundation Levels I, II, III.

Application submission and admission is required for series participation.

This advanced practitioner series is full. The application process is now closed.

There is a $25 non-refundable application fee. Applications will be processed as they are received and applicants will be notified regarding acceptance within a few days of receipt. Registration and tuition payment will then secure a student’s place in the program.




Commitment to the entire program is required. Tuition includes three two-day weekend seminars and five Thursday evening Enrichment and Practice three-hour classes

Full Program Tuition:  Early registration — $1440.  Regular registration — $1680.

Tuition is non-refundable. Tuition can be paid in full upon program acceptance and registration or in automatic monthly payments that will require an additional online registration. A PayPal account will be needed for the automatic monthly payment option. If a student is unable to complete the program, any outstanding tuition balance will still be due.

If you should have to miss a seminar, you will receive a copy of the handout and an audio recording of the seminar.

Program registration links will be provided once an applicant has been accepted to the program. Registration and tuition payment will secure a place in the program. Class size may be limited by space availability.

Payment options:  Full payment at Registration or Automatic Monthly Installment Payment.

Full Payment at Registration:

    • Early Registration — $1440
    • Regular Registration — $1680

Automatic Monthly Installment Payment:

    • Early Registration:  Program Registration Fee — $40. Initial  payment of $360 and six subsequent monthly payments of $180 for at total of $1440.
    • Regular Registration: Program Registration Fee — $65. Initial  payment of $420 and six subsequent monthly payments of $210 for at total of $1680.

The monthly payment option will require a separate step via the IQ&IM website to set up the automatic payments. The combination of registering for the program and making the initial payment of $360, for early registration, or $420, for regular registration, will secure a student’s place in the program. This option will require a PayPal account.


  • Attendance of seminars and Thursday evening classes.
  • Signed confidentiality and program tuition agreements.
  • Practice Qi-Energy Sessions which will be based on the material covered in the seminar preceding the due date and can be done during peer practices — Minimum of ten required.
  • Qi-Energy Management Series Cohort Peer Practices — Minimum of six required.
  • Practice Log of Practice Sessions & Peer Practices.

For out of town students:  Special arrangements will be made for those students attending from out of town. Thursday evening classes will be remotely accessible via Zoom unless circumstances beyond the Institute’s control intervene. Additionally, since the online format will not allow for the actual in-person practice time, a special class will be arranged for the Friday afternoons before the second and third seminar weekends.

The combination of Zoom attendance of the Thursday evening classes and the Friday classes will fulfill the in-person attendance requirement of Thursday evening classes and ensure the opportunity for all students to be able to have necessary practice support.

Attendance of Thursday evenings via Zoom and of the Friday afternoon classes will be restricted to students living outside a thirty-five (35) mile radius of the IQ&IM Bothell Center. There will be a reasonable administrative fee for the Friday classes that will be in addition to the regular program tuition and the amount will be determined by the number of students attending from out of town.


To receive a Certification of Program Participation and Completion, students will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Attend all three weekend seminars.
  • Attend at least four of the five Thursday evening classes.
  • Complete at least six Energy Evaluation Peer Practices and submit a practice log documenting participation.  
  • Complete a minimum of two Qi-Energy Evaluation Sessions and submit written documentation of the sessions by seminar 2.
  • Complete a minimum of three Qi-Energy Consultation Sessions to be completed and submit written documentation by seminar 3.
  • Complete a minimum of five Energy Healing Facilitation Sessions to be completed after seminar 3 and submitted by June 1, 2020.
  • Deadline for all submissions for certificate of series completion will be June 1, 2020. After this date there will be no further certificates issued to students.

IQ&IM Class Participation Agreement
IQ&IM Class Participation Waiver