Feng Shui | Class Descriptions

Introduction | April 13 – One Day Seminar

The day opens with an historical view of the basis of Chinese cosmology, The Book of Changes known as the I Ching. Students will learn how to navigate this ancient divination text and will be introduced to one of its most practical associated astrologies, the Nine Star Ki.  The course sets out on an in-depth journey of both the outer and inner world of the bagua, the rich, symbolic construct of consciousness employed in all approaches to feng shui while examining each area’s psychological and spiritual meaning.  In this and individual evening sessions that follow, participants will discover ways to achieve harmony in their own lives by uncovering what is necessary to remove obstructions as well as any harmful, fixed patterns of behavior.  The series promises a grand, unified holistic view — a luminous path to love, light and inner peace.

Tuesday Evening Classes | April 16 – May 21

Relationships | April 16:  Discover the true purpose of relationships and ways to bring authenticity and harmony to every connection.

Travel and Movement | April 23:  Learn how to move with the Dao through a study of time, direction and the forces of nature.

Health | April 30:  An exploration of the fundamental nature of body and mind. Since both health and disease are mirrored in environments, each aspect of our dwellings supports or diminishes vitality and well-being.

Path and Journey | May 7:  Beyond wind chimes and water fountains, learn what you can do to make a difference in your own life and immediate environment through an understanding of feng shui as it relates to your own personal journey.

Sex and Intimacy | May 14:  Uncover your own unique aspect of sexuality as it relates to your feng shui astrological typologies. This fascinating understanding of how our sexual natures are influenced by inborn tendencies reveals ways to support each personality type, both physically and emotionally, to foster harmony and deeper intimacy in every relationship.

Spiritual Development | May 21:  Nine Star Ki helps us to reflect on our karmic destiny or soul’s coding and is therefore extremely important to take into consideration both in our personal life and spiritual development.  Few people are aware of the deeper significance and meaning of this hidden aspect of study that guides us in realigning our true purpose with the Dao.