Feng Shui

The study of the Tao provides us with unlimited possibility in life, constantly changing and flowing, never restricting, always guiding.   

~William Spear

Many ancient traditions examine the relationship between the formed and the formless. In the late 4th Century B.C., it was the great sage Lao Tzu whose Tao Te Ching’s eighty-one Chapters focused more on what is “not” there than what is there. Almost every example of cosmogonic thinking in Chinese philosophy shares this exploration: a journey into the invisible world of Qi and the study of the Tao.

Emerging in China as long ago as 5,000 years, the art of placement known as Feng Shui is a system of natural laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of Qi. Feng Shui is used to facilitate the flow of Qi-energy in the home, office, garden, and buildings through the proper arrangement of objects in living spaces for better health, prosperity and quality of wellbeing. Because Qi is everywhere, both within us and throughout all of nature, wise students will cultivate a sense of natural order inside their own consciousness as part of a process of personal transformation.

Feng Shui Classes

April 13 | Introduction:  The Theoretical and Practical Foundations of the I Ching, Feng Shui and the Nine Star Ki Astrology — An Overview for Students of the Dao

In this one day seminar, William Spear, author of Feng Shui Made Easy, will share his experience and understanding of Feng Shui that will excite, inspire and enlighten the participants.  This introductory seminar will be followed by a series of weekly classes to further enhance the participants’ understanding of how to enrich and improve specific areas of their lives.

April 16 to May 21 | Six Tuesday Evening Classes 

Prerequisite:  None, though attendance of the April 13 seminar is recommended and encouraged to provide foundation for the weekly classes.

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Intuitive Feng Shui®, as developed by William Spear, is the practice of learning to clear the world within in order to more effectively create healthy, sustainable environments around us that evoke freely flowing Qi, harmony, personal tranquility and strength. From studio apartments to center-city urban planning projects, Intuitive Feng Shui® has helped thousands of people create success from the inside out.

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April 13 | One Day Introduction Early — $180 Regular — $200
Single Tuesday Evening Class Early — $75 Regular — $100
Six Tuesday Evening Class Package Early — $300 Regular — $350

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