Yi Ren® Medical Qigong for Self-Care Level 3 (Online Video)


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BEFORE PURCHASING VIDEO: The videos of Yi Ren® Medical Qigong (YRMQ) for Self-Care exercises that are offered here are for review only for those students who have completed the YRMQ courses training. YRMQ is the practice of cultivating inherent potential and well-being through a growing awareness and enhancement of “Qi”–a bioenergy-information system (BEIS) within us, as well as surrounding us. You can register for classes here: iqim.org/education/course-descriptions/

Yi Ren® Level III DVD includes the following authentic Qi based exercises:
1) Extraordinary Universe Exercise (Ten Extraordinary meridians activating and cultivating exercise)
2) Autonomic Nervous System Activating and Cultivating Exercise (Small Universe Exercise)
3) Chong Meridians Activating and Cultivating Exercise
4) Yang Qiao/Wei Yin Qiao/Wei Meridians Activating and Cultivating Exercise
5) Yang Qiao and Yang Wei Meridians Activating and Cultivating Exercise
6) Dai Mai (Belt Meridian) Activating and Cultivating Exercise
7) Internal Energy Protection Exercise, and
8) Level III Summary Routine Practice.

ABOUT IQ&IM: The Institute of Qigong and Integrative Medicine is an education 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the principles of wellness, self-care, and self-realization through the practice of Yi Ren® Qigong and related practices. Qigong (pronounced chee gung) is a traditional Chinese energy medicine practice combining breathing, movement, and meditation. In Qigong, the term “qi” (or “chi” ) means “vital energy of the body” and “gong” means the skill and achievement cultivated through regular and disciplined practice.