Energy Consultation and Facilitation Services

Dr. Sun Energetic Consultations

Qigong energy consultation and facilitation is a form of qi-energy healing called “External Qigong” (Wai Qi Zhi Liao). During a qi-energy facilitation session, the Yi Ren® Qigong practitioner performs a qi-energy assessment and application of external qi-energy healing, followed by a lesson on qigong exercises that the client may use for wellness self-care.

Qi-Energy Assessment

Providers at IQ&IM’s Wellness Services offer a unique, qi-based energy assessment which involves using Yi Ren® Qigong to connect with a client’s acupuncture meridian network and organ system to observe any imbalances within the body.

Using computer terms, this is like “clicking with a mouse” on a client’s energetic health and “copying and pasting” that information temporarily to the provider’s energy system. This enables the provider to observe what is happening energetically inside the client’s energy system. These clues show which energy dynamics may be at the root of certain wellness concerns and how to work with the client to facilitate healing and wellness.

External Qi-Energy Facilitation

The practice of facilitating qi-energy for a client is called “external qigong.” During a qigong facilitation session, the Yi Ren® Medical Qigong practitioner transmits universal qi-energy that includes healing intelligence and energetic information to facilitate the healing process and wellness of the client. During the healing session, the qigong practitioner places his/her hand(s) several inches away from the body without physical contact and facilitates the movement of qi-energy to remove any unhealthy influences and to supplement any deficiencies of the clients qi-energy, allowing the client’s wellness system to heal itself.

Condition-Specific Qigong Exercises

Sessions at IQ&IM’s Wellness Services may include Yi Ren® Qigong exercises that are specific to the health condition of a client and address the particular acupuncture meridian and organ system that needs more balance or added support. One might think of qigong as similar to acupuncture without needles because the exercises also function to regulate, nourish, and balance the body’s qi-energy for greater health.

These qigong exercises can be practiced daily to enhance the treatment plan and allow clients to manage their health proactively at home.

They will assist to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce stress
  • Promote vitality
  • Enhance awareness of the body’s intelligence for healing and wellness.

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