Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

Guan-Cheng Sun PhDAs founder of Yi Ren® Qigong, and as a qigong instructor and consultant, Dr. Sun offers internal qi-energy assessment, consultation, and external qi-energy healing services as part of IQ&IM’s Wellness Team.

Dr. Sun’s passion is to empower his clients to cultivate their innate gifts and abilities for self-healing, personal growth and spiritual awakening and development.  Dr. Sun’s philosophy for wellness is to facilitate his clients to return to oneness with the Dao (Tao) of healing and to live in accordance with the Dao (Tao) of health.


  • Internal qi-energy assessment and consultation
  • External qi-energy healing consultation
  • Condition-specific qigong exercises
  • Yi Ren® Qigong classes


  • Early Qigong Training: Taoist internal and external qigong training (1973 to1977).
  • Qigong Teaching (1990-1994, Japan)
  • Qigong Consultation and Healing (1992-1994, Japan)
  • Qigong Teaching (1994-Present, US)
  • Qigong Consultation and Healing (1997-Present, US)
  • Clinical Trial Studies: T32 postdoctoral fellowship at Bastyr University (2007-2010).
  • Qigong Therapist (2008-2010, Bastyr University)
  • Yi Ren® Medical Qigong Founder and Instructor


  • PhD in molecular genetics from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Japan in 1993.

See Dr. Sun’s Staff Profile.

To Schedule an Appointment:

Because of the nature of qi-energy healing, clients seeking a private consultation with Dr. Sun must first complete one of the following perquisites:

  • Completion of a minimum of 6 qi-energy acupuncture and qigong sessions with an IQ&IM Wellness practitioner. OR
  • Successful completion of Yi Ren® Qigong Foundation Training Level I by a certified instructor

Dr. Sun’s consultation appointments must be scheduled by phone or email:

Phone: (206) 290-6072

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