Philosophy of Care


IQ&IM’s wellness services provides wellnessoriented medicine to restore and improve health. This is achieved by cultivating authentic qi-vital energy and empowering the inherent healing ability within. Our services emphasize:

  • The partnership of client and practitioner in the healing process.
  • A healthy lifestyle and preventive approach to address both the root cause of health conditions as well as current symptoms.
  • All factors that influence healing, health, and wellness including the mind, emotions, energies, body memories, consciousness, spirit, living environment, workplace environment, and lifestyle, as well as family and community relationships.
  • Personalized care to address an individual’s unique condition, needs, and circumstances.

IQ&IM’s wellness services are informed by evidence and clinical experience. As appropriate, a collaborative approach among IQ&IM’s wellness services providers and between IQ&IM and outside practitioners is utilized in the delivery of care.