Qi-Energy Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Harold Ryan Lilly, LAc, EAMP & Pei-Wen Wang, LAc, EAMP
We have a variety of treatment options to give you the best care possible. At your first visit we will create an individualized treatment plan based on your condition, time availability and budget.


  • Initial Visit: $225 (120 mins)
  • Energetic Acupuncture Follow up: $185 (75-90 mins)*
    • Includes energy assessment & Condition Specific Qigong Prescription
  • Regular Acupuncture Follow up: $120 (60 minutes)*
  • Community Acupuncture: Learn more and book online here

Herbal Visit:

  • Chinese Herbal Consultation $75 (45 mins)
  • With Energy Assessment $110 (60 mins)
  • Quick Check-in (Follow-up Only): $35 (15 mins)- refill or herbal formula modification


  • Private Instruction: $110 (60 mins)*
  • Add energy assessment $140 (75-90 mins) 
  • Quick Check-in: $35 (15-20 mins)- Practice suggestions, refinement & Discussion.

 *3 Session Packages available at 15% discount.

    • Energetic Acupuncture Package: $471. 15% off, $157 Per Session.
    • Acupuncture Only Package: $306 15% off, $102 Per Session.
    • Qigong Lessons Package: $280. 15% off, $93 Per Session.

All unused packaged treatments are refundable upon request. If you do not complete your package, you will be charge the full rate for your used packaged treatments and be reimbursed for the remaining amount.


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External Qi Energy Consultation Services

Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD
Available by appointment with Dr. Sun after completion of four Qi Energy Acupuncture sessions or a Level I Yi Ren® Qigong course by a certified instructor and the establishment of a regular personal Yi Ren® Qigong practice.
Yi Ren® Qigong and external qi-energy consultation – $300 (60 minutes)
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Phone: (206) 225-9601
Email: Wellness@iqim.org

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