Meet YOUR Team

Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD

Dr. Sun 
is the founder and executive director of the Institute of Qigong & Integrative Medicine (IQ&IM). Dr. Sun earned his Ph.D. in molecular genetics from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies in Japan in 1993 and was awarded a fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. From 1994-1997, Dr. Sun conducted postdoctoral research in molecular endocrinology at the University of Washington. Dr. Sun is also a Qigong teacher with over 40 years of practice in a program which he began learning at the age of nine from his granduncle in China. He has spent over 20 years refining his skills and has developed a new system of Qigong called Yi Ren® Qigong. His understanding of modern molecular genetics and scientific principles, as well as his experience with internal cultivation, allowed him to create a unique bridge between cultures. Dr. Sun is currently teaching a Yi Ren® Qigong Teacher Certification Program at IQ&IM. He is also engaged in Qigong and Integrative Medicine research at IQ&IM and Bastyr University.


Dr. Mary O’Malley, MD PhD

Dr. O’Malley is currently Medical Director of the Psychiatric Long Term Care Service and Behavioral Health Integration Team for the Department of Psychiatry at Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield Massachusetts. She has an MD from Weill College Medical College, and a PhD in Neurobiology from The Rockefeller University. She is Board-certified in both Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine and has authored or coauthored in both basic and clinical research and contributed chapters to a variety of standard textbooks in the field of sleep medicine and psychiatry. Dr. O’Malley is also an ordained Interfaith Minister and has an active practice in Sound Healing.


Dr. Julianna Englund, ND LAc CQI

Dr. Julianna Englund is a licensed naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist and herbalist who combines her education, training, and skills with an intuitive approach to working with her patients and students. Also a certified Yi Ren®Qigong instructor through the Institute of Qigong and Integrative Medicine (IQ&IM), Dr. Julianna’s belief is that the key to health begins with a peaceful mind. She knows that healing and living in harmony with ourselves and the world is achievable through an understanding of our truest nature. With thoughtful guidance and education, she facilitates this same understanding in others.


Amy L. Putiri, MS CN CQI

With a passion to educate, guide and help people live happier, healthier lives, Amy Putiri relocated to Seattle in 2007 to pursue her master’s degree in whole food-based nutrition. While studying at Bastyr University, she met Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD, and begin working as a research assistant on his study looking at the physiological and psychological effects of Yi Ren Medical Qigong in adults with type 2 diabetes. The positive results of this study inspired her to begin her training and cultivation in Yi Ren®Qigong. She has been leading qigong practice groups for over 9 years and became a certified Yi Ren Qigong instructor in 2013. Amy is excited to bring her education and expertise to the Be Well | Be Healthy | Be Free Program to help people live free of diabetes and reach their human potential.


Dr. Nathalie Guillaume, DAOM LAc CQI

Dr. Nathalie Guillaume received her Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University and is a Licensed Acupuncturist. She specializes in Pain Management, Oncology, has extensively researched the therapeutic benefits of Medical Qigong in chronic back pain for her thesis under the mentorship of Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD and is a certified Yi Ren® Qigong instructor. In addition to her Acupuncture education, she has studied Nutripuncture closely with Dr. Patrick Veret, MD where she did research on dietary supplements able to activate meridians in the body without needles. She currently lectures both nationally and internationally on the new scientific breakthroughs in Traditional Chinese Medicine and practices in New York City where she is the CEO and Medical Director of Healing Happy Hour.



Harold Ryan Lilly, LAc EAMP CQI

Ryan Lilly is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and certified Yi Ren®Qigong instructor specializing in qi/energetic based acupuncture and diagnosis. Through practicing Chinese medicine and qigong, he has realized that each person’s body carries along an incredible amount of information from their life that can lead to disease, including pre-diabetes. By using his body and qigong diagnosis techniques, he is able to feel this information from other people’s bodies and use this to help them understand the roots to their disease and how to shift it through qigong and a variety of Chinese medicine techniques.







MD | Medical Doctor

ND | Naturopathic Doctor

PhD | Doctor of Philosophy

LAc | Licensed Acupuncturist

EAMP | East Asian Medical Practitioner

DAOM | Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

MS | Master’s of Science

CN | Certified Nutritionist

CQI | Certified Yi Ren Qigong Instructor